Hey Guys…. I have made some changes to the blog. From now on, all my posts on erotica will now be posted on http://www.eroticabytnq.wordpress.com. I apologize for the break in transmission, a lot has been going on and I have also been really lazy. Here’s to a better quarter ✌✌. This blog will still be […]


Originally posted on Fictional Insanity:
? It’s dark in the room. I can’t see anything and I’m waiting for your return. For your touch. I’m laying on the bed, hands tied to the headboard, legs parted and bound. I can feel the cool air on my skin. I wriggle around, trying to make use of…

Hell on Earth (a wannabe love story)

“No, no, no…” I said waling faster. A few people looked at me strangely as i passed, but then looked away when they saw me look back. I took my phone out of my pocket and pressed it against my ear, pretending to pick answer a call. “Leave me alone! Why won’t you leave me […]


5.00pm. Time to get up for work. If anyone had told me years ago that this was what I would be doing, the beating eh?! But here I was…in my tiny room above the establishment praying for the energy to get up and get ready for work. I had it all. A great job at […]


“Mommy! What’s happening to me?!” 5 year old Zoba called out to her mother. “Mommy! Help me!!” The little girl was covered in flames. Her hair, her skin, her eyes, everywhere but she wasn’t in pain. Her mother stared at her in horror. What demon did God give her as a child? Fire?! And the […]


She had everything now. Money, fame, servants and even slaves if she wanted. He had thought of everything. He had promised her, that dark and wet night that everything she wanted would be hers. But at a price. She had to give up what she loved most in the world in 10 years or lose […]