“Mommy! What’s happening to me?!” 5 year old Zoba called out to her mother. “Mommy! Help me!!”

The little girl was covered in flames. Her hair, her skin, her eyes, everywhere but she wasn’t in pain. Her mother stared at her in horror. What demon did God give her as a child? Fire?! And the little witch refused to burn. She had prayed. Prayed to God for a baby. And He answered her. Or so she thought. Maybe it was the Devil that heard her cries.

“Joseph oooo!” She screamed for her husband. She backed away until she felt someone behind her.

“Mommy!” Zoba cried, raising her arms to her mother. “Mommy, help. Make it stop!”

Amaka stared at the abomination that was once her little girl. She was given two. Twin girls. Beautiful twin girls. Hmmm…that was how the Devil worked. He’d give you something beautiful and then corrupt it. But, her baby…

“Mommy?” Zara peeped at her burning sister. “What’s wrong with Zoba?”

“The Devil has come to take her from us.” Amaka replied. She knew she sounded crazy but how else would she explain what was happening?

“Zara!” Zoba called out. “Help me!”

Just then Joseph came into the room. But instead of panicking like a normal person, he looked thoughtful. “Already?” He murmured. “Amaka, what happened?”

“What kind of foolish question is that?” Amaka screamed. ” Look at our daughter!”

“I see her.” Joseph said quietly. “Sweetheart? Are you alright?”

“Daddy, make it stop.” Zoba sobbed. “I don’t want to burn.”

Suddenly, Zara launched herself towards her sister and hugged her, flames and all.

“Zara!! Chineke!” Amaka screamed. But before her eyes, the fire started to ebb, slowly until all that was left were two naked, identical five year old girls.

Then everything went black.

The Devil’s laughter.
Her babies holding hands in the flames while her husband watched them proudly.

“Amaka…” Joseph called her name. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

“What are they?” She asked. “What did you do?”

“I gave you what you wanted, of course.” He replied.

Amaka jumped. She was in bed. Her husband sat in the chair next to the bed. Zara and Zoba were asleep next to her. She flinched as she saw them.

They looked so innocent, so…normal. But they were not. They were something else…

“What did you do?” She whispered.

“I gave you children. Beautiful, smart and unique daughters.” Joseph said.

“But, the fire…and…then, it…” She stammered.

“The girls are two sides of the same coin. Yin and Yang, Fire and Ice, Black and White, Heads and Tails…” He got up and got into bed with her… “What you saw today was just a tiny percentage of what the girls can do.

“But, why?” She asked. Her hand fell on Zara’s head, “Why couldn’t you just leave them alone. To be normal girls?”

“Normal is overrated.”


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