She tried his line again.
No answer.
So this was how Soji was going to ignore her. Just because he caught her…in his house But what was the big deal sef? Wasn’t she his girlfriend? Where else was she supposed to be? Waiting outside? Like a damned visitor?
She tried calling him again.
No answer.
Haba! It had been two days nah. This guy could hold a grudge sha. So he really wasn’t going to pick up her call. She’d wait a few hours then call him again. If he picked up, she’d beg for forgiveness and promise never to do…whatever it was he was upset about.
Soji turned on his phone and sighed in relief. No messages from that nutcase. He hadn’t given her this number, but if he was 100% right about her, she would have gotten his number somehow. Now, he had to find his other phone fast, before Teni, his girlfriend found it and started asking questions again.
Amara had nearly ruined his relationship with Teni. She had somehow gotten it into her head that she was his girlfriend and did everything possible to maintain that position. At first it was cute, and she worked hard, but she was just a distraction. Something t “hold body” while Teni was in school abroad. Then it got weird. She started showing up at his office unannounced, trying to pick fights with is secretary, because she was too pretty and had eyes for him. It was after he hit her once, that she stopped showing up at his office.
The she started waiting for him at home. He’d get home and see her waiting for him at his door. No matter the time. Once he got home at 4am, after hanging out with his guys and found her, dozing at his doorstep. He walked in gingerly and left her there. At 6am, he woke her up and broke it off.
“Amara, I think it’s best we stop seeing each other.” he had told her. “I’m not ready for the kind of relationship you want.”
“It’s OK.” she said. “I can wait for you.” she had smiled at him sweetly. Too sweet in fact, but she seemed OK with it and he allowed her to come inside. She had left that evening and he hadn’t seen her again for a few weeks.
Teni came home for the summer and all was well, until Amara walked up to him and Teni at the mall.
She had given Teni a dirty look and then faced him. “Soji? Who is this?” She looked terrible. She had lost a lot of weight and something about her wasn’t normal.
Luckily for him, Teni saw someone she knew and wasn’t paying them a lot of attention.
“Amara, I told you we were done.” he said. She flinched and then got a hold of herself.
“Is that why you didn’t even come to see me in the hospital?” she asked. “Because of common fight?”
“Hospital?” Soji asked. “What happened?”
“I had severe fever and other stuff. Not important.” She smiled. “can I come over today? I miss you.”
“Amara. It’s over.” Soji said. “Don’t contact me anymore. I’m sorry you were ill but that’s not my problem anymore.”
He had left her there. For a few weeks he didn’t see her or hear from her, but for some reason he had this feeling of being watched. Even in the bathroom. Maybe he had caught her crazy.
A week before Teni was to go back to school, he proposed. It was at her favourite restaurant. As he hugged his wife to be, he saw Amara in the corner with an older man. She stared at him with cold eyes. Then the man said something to her and she looked away.
Soji was now well and scared. Just when he seemed to be getting his life together, this lunatic popped up like a bad pimple. He had to finish this. Once and for all. He didn’t want to have to explain this mess to Teni. To tell the truth, he was embarrassed. Amara was not his usual type and recently she was looking a lot like the girls that cleaned his office.
When he got home that night, he was already inside, when he heard someone in the kitchen. He walked in cautiously and saw Amara, She was wearing his tshirt and nothing else.
“What are you doing here?” he asked. She jumped and turned to face him. “Baby, you scared me. I was looking for the corkscrew. I wanted us to celebrate.”
“Celebrate what?”
“Our engagement, silly.” she grinned.
Soji felt cold. For the first time in his life he was well and truly scared. She thought he was engaged to her? How? Her insanity was worse than he thought.
He turned and walked out of the house. He sat in his car and watched the house. What was he going to do about this girl now? Now when everything was coming together. He saw her look out of the window, then come to the door.  “Are you OK, baby?”
Baby ko…Omode ni…
He ignored her. She walked towards him and asked again. “Are you OK, baby?”
“Who were you with at the restaurant?” he asked, “I saw you with someone tonight.”
She froze. “It-It was m-my…”
“You know what? I don’t want to hear it.” Soji said getting out of the car. “We are done. OK? Get your things and leave my house.”
“Wait! I can explain…” she said, in a panicked voice. “Soji, listen to me please. It was my dad.”
“How stupid do you think I am?” he asked. Then he turned and walked into the house.
“Soji…” she said, plaintively.
“Get. Out.” He snapped and went into his room. He saw her things on his bed and threw everything out and locked himself in.
That was the last time he saw her.
Prof. Ijeh looked at the cellphone on his table as it rang for the 50th time. “Crazy Amy” was what popped up on the screen. He closed his eyes. His baby girl, Amara was torturing herself, calling this idiot, whose cellphone was in her purse when he went to get her from her mother’s place. Well, he couldn’t blame the boy. Amara was indeed “crazy”. The boy had no idea how lucky he was.
Prof stood up and looked into the mirror. Except for the scar on his left cheek and one blind eye, he was still a handsome man.
He sighed.
This is why he wanted a boy.
She tried Soji again.
“The number you called does not exist. Please check the number and dial again.”
What? This was the number she had been calling all weekend. Does not exist, how?
She tried again.
And again.
And again.
Then the battery on her phone ran out.
She screamed and flung it across the room. “NO! NO! NO!” she ransacked the room, screaming and screaming over and over again.
The door opened and two arms grabbed her and lifted her. She struggled and felt a sharp prick in her left arm. All of a sudden, she felt sleepy. the arms released her and she sank to the ground. Suddenly, her phone rang. She crawled towards where it was and saw the name on the screen. “Soji boo”
She picked up the phone. “Soji, I’m sorry. Please…”
“It’s OK babe…where are you? I miss you.”
“I miss you too…”
Prof turned away from the pathetic picture of his baby girl clutching her dead phone with the broken screen to her ears, talking to the voice in her head. He looked at the doctor. “She’s gone, isn’t she?”
“There’s one more thing we can try for her, sir…” the young man started.
“She has been through enough…” Prof. said. “Make sure she forgets that boy. Or anything that has happened. I can’t have her turning into her mother.”
Soji had his cellphone delivered to his office with a note. “Amara will not be bothering you any longer. I suggest you forget everything you know about her and I would appreciate it if you don’t speak of her to anybody.”
That was it. Nothing else.
Amara sat in the veranda holding a book in her hand. The words made her head hurt but Daddy said if she read all the books he got for her and told him about them, he’d let her go outside. And she wanted to go outside. She looked out through the screen door and sighed.


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