Till Death Do Us Part…

“Dearly beloved…” This was it. My wedding day. My parents finally bullied me into accepting Tope’s marriage proposal. I wonder what it was about people wanting to spoil a perfect relationship with marriage. Yes, I had been dating him for six years. His parents thought the sun shone out of my ass. My parents loved […]


“You shouldn’t have to take that from him, you know?” “But why do you keep baiting him? Do you want him to kill you?” “Kill him!” “Haba! That is too extreme. All because he smacked her around a few times?” “Get up, get up now! Before he comes back!” “I have said it, kill the […]


“You are pregnant.” The doctor said. “Eh?” Uju stared stupidly at the doctor. “P-Pre-Pregnant?” “Yes, about two months now.” The doctor replied. “So…” Uju didn’t hear a single thing the doctor said after that. Two months, two months…oh God! I’m finished. Daddy will kill me. Her heart froze at the thought of what her father […]

Life…Or Something Like It

“It must be so amazing to live your life.” Misan said. She was lying, completely naked, watching me dress up. “Having so much time on your hands, knowing you can never die…I envy you. Living forever would be so awesome.” I smiled and looked at her. She was so adorable, barely 25years old; of course […]

Death…Or Something Like It

It had been ages since she came here. Months…or was it years? She couldn’t remember. She couldn’t remember much anymore. Ever since…she shook her head; mustn’t think of that. It made her head hurt and then she forgot more things. The last time it happened, she was out of it for a long time and […]


I was sitting in my office feeling a bit bloated and sleepy when I decided to look for men. Sexy men to be exact. On the internet, of course. I found out a few months ago, that nothing gets my creative juices flowing quite like staring at half naked sexy men. On or off my […]

Seven Deadly Sins : Wrath

They say anger is just an emotion. That it can be controlled. They are wrong. Raw anger is a force, like a being inside you. All it takes is. One. Push. ________________________________________________________________________________ I blinked as i tried to grasp what Ali was telling me. Something about him going back to that ugly ape of a […]